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About Us

our_team_2 Voice of Sila is a gateway to knowledge, wisdom, information, facts, fun, and vocabulary that impress upon the minds of young learners. It has been developed keeping in mind the need for learning outside of rigorous school textbooks. A treasure trove of knowledge, each page of our magazine grips the readers with nuggets of information and innovative methods of learning. Our pages are bound with research, practicality and a framework of ideas essential for children. Voice of Sila aims to be your companion, as they grow into intelligent beings and make an impact in the world around them, for themselves and the people around them.


What We Do

We are a team of people who believe that a 'Reader is a Leader'. Our motto 'Read And Touch The Truth' has inspired us to provide every child with an arsenal of knowledge that will equip them to battle life's challenges and develop inquisitive minds. Our team comprises researchers and writers who provide quality guidance and make learning fun.

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